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Denny's de Washington Blvd

1.0Rating 1.0(Basado en 1 reseñas)

US 1250 Washington Blvd Ogden, UT 84404
Abierto 24 horas, 7 días a la semana

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Denny’s es el Diner de América. Donde por más de 60 años quienes nos eligen vienen a pasar un momento agradable y relajado mientras disfrutan de la comida casera tradicional americana por un precio conveniente, las 24 horas del día, los 365 días del año. A lo largo de los años, Denny’s se ha ganado una base de seguidores con sus populares y tradicionales productos que se sirven durante todo el día como: Moons Over My Hammy®, los platillos en skillets calientes, las malteadas hechas a mano, las hamburguesas 100% de res y el mundialmente famoso Build Your Own Grand Slam®. Su amplio menú incorpora opciones deliciosas e innovadoras para el aperitivo, almuerzo, cena y postre. Todo pensado en la comida sana y deliciosa que quieren los que vienen a nuestro restaurante, convirtiéndolo en un lugar excelente para traer a los niños y la familia. Y ahora con el ¡Nuevo! Pedidos online de Denny's On Demand, tus platillos favoritos están al alcance de la mano. Simplemente haz clic para ordenar y recoger tu pedido en cualquier restaurante Denny’s. Y en algunos locales, incluso ofrecen servicio de entrega. Así que ahora puedes disfrutar los panqueques esponjosos y las hamburguesas 100% de res de Denny’s, cuando quieras, donde quieras. Visita o baja la aplicación móvil y disfruta haciendo tus pedidos online hoy mismo.

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Reseñas recientes para Denny's de Washington Blvd

1.0Rating 1.0(Basado en 1 reseñas)
  • Rating 1.0
    Extremely unimpressed and disappointed start to finish with this experience. This is NOT the first time I've experienced a multitude of issues at this location. I've been a county licensed and nationally certified food industry General Manager for the past 5 years. Not only did I see multiple health code violations but also some of the worst customer service and food taste in the entire city. Not kidding I will drive an extra 20 minutes to a different location although this one is 1.2 miles away from my home. Food quality is horrible, never is my order absolutely right. Customer service shows that they don't have a manager directing them or the manager is literally always counting tills or doing paperwork or straight up ignoring the issue's. Never seen them don't even know a name.

    Let's start with just this experience.

    While submitting my order online it refreshed my page stating an error had occurred however I received the confirmation email. So I called the store to confirm. First woman I talked to Dana? I think it was she mumbled and couldn't find my order not much help told me to look at my bank statement to see if you charged me and practically hung up. Checked my mobile app said it was processing the payment, called back talked to a girl named Sara. A bit better but still had no clue where/ when my order would be ready. Third time I've now placed an order for 630 am on Sunday the 13th of August.
    When I pulled into the parking lot 3 or 4 employees were outside smoking cigarettes around a red 4 door car and when I walked into the lobby the absence of those employees showed... There was one young man literally RUNNING back and forth between tables. There were two bags strewn across the payment counter with a black box and plastic lid coming undone, looked like someone had gotten into it. I arrived at 6:20 keep in mind my order wasn't supposed to be picked up till 630 it shouldn't have been ready yet let alone bagged with no one around to attend to it. By the time the young man finally had time to assist me, he asked my name told me that the order that's been sitting in front of me for 10 minutes cold was mine. I was hesitant to take it knowing the dairy in the there could be bad and in the food temp danger zone by now since I don't know how long it's been sitting there and don't know whose touched it. Crew that was smoking came in and got to "work" without washing their hands. Health code violation #2. Took it home again 1.2 miles away. Less than a 5 minute drive. Freezing cold. Eggs were rubbery, hashbrowns soggy, biscuts hard as a rock. There was a a cup of gravy filled halfway that it covers 1/2 of 1 biscut. 3 days later and I'm almost positive I have food poisoning. I have all the symptoms. I knew I shouldn't have eaten it but after a 13 hour shift at my own restaurant? I was starving.

    Disappointed and disgusted. With again no manager in site.

    Will be reporting to the Weber Morgan County Food Department. Will NEVER return to this location and will be sharing on social media... 85% of business is return customers and you just lost a 21+ year customer and the 3 other people who ate the same meals buisness.
    Good luck.

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